Hi, I do Design & Development.

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Who are You?

Philosophically speaking, I don't even know yet, but I'm getting there! Thanks for asking. I work as a product designer for Seahorse. Are you a developer? A designer? Something even cooler? If you are interested in working with us, drop me a line at the end.

If you're here looking for answers about dancing konga ditto, I really don’t know what to say. I don't have all the answers. If you think you're addicted to it or you’re one of those people who suddenly have weird thoughts about it all day, please find professional help.

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a couple of
Things I've done


What does «JavaScript State-of-the-art pixel art animation and drawing» mean?


Ever wanted to be hipster? You're dreaming of being a Tumblr famous? Jokes aside, just try it. Has Helvetica on it.

Controls (OS X)

Icon design for an upcoming app. Because brushed metal never gets old.

Coming soon to your Mac, and iPhone.


A dose of nostalgia right into your veins. Ever heard of Apple Computer? The Nintendo Entertainment System? NeXT?

Let me show you the way to Posterama.


A shelf iOS project for a markdown text editor.


A couple of years ago I made a code compression app for myself. Then I was all over MacStories. Then, it was never update again, so don't use it.

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